An Ode to Mark’s Eyebrows


(That’s actually a lie. I’m not much of a poet so I’ll spare us all by not trying.)

I just want to say this: Mark had some spectacular eyebrows. I noticed them right away. He was a big baby when he was born — about 8 1/2 lbs (his sister was bigger. I chalk their size up to my pregnancy cravings, which I can describe this way: Meat Lovers Pizza). Mark also had a head of very dark hair, with the cutest long sideburns (earning him, briefly, the nickname “Tiny Elvis”). All that dark hair eventually faded away/fell out, replaced by a lighter brown, but the dark eyebrows stuck around. I drew this picture in my journal when he was a few months old. He would arch them, without realizing it, and I thought it was adorable.

As I’ve mentioned before, Mark was late to bloom. He looked 6 until he was 9; he looked 9 until he was 11; he looked 12 until he was about 16. And then he finally started to grow. At 19, his legs were just furring up, his body changing and morphing into man-shape. He’d gone from Tenor to Baritone. There was a cleft in his chin, just starting to deepen; his Uncle Bill had sent him off to his sophomore year at VT with a new electric trimming set, which delighted him.

And those eyebrows just got darker and fuller.

Had he made it to middle age, they would have been a thicket, a wiry tangle.

I really really wish I’d gotten a chance to see how he turned out…as a man, as a husband, a father, a grandfather. I’d laugh with his wife about those eyebrows. I’d show her his baby pictures. We’d make “secret” plans – loudly, to make him protest – to trim them while he slept.

I hope heaven includes the opportunity to do all this stuff…maybe a room or a holo-deck where you can go and live the life, at least for a little while, that got taken away. Or maybe none of this will matter, in heaven. Just seeing him will be enough.

One thought on “An Ode to Mark’s Eyebrows

  1. A heavenly “holo-deck” – what a marvelous notion! Waaaay better than any E-ticket ride, for sure.
    My latest “sight/dream” of Mark had him appearing definitely ‘older’ – so is “age” just our own concept?
    And is God generally portrayed as an old man with white hair – because He knows EVERYTHING and has ‘matured’ as far as universally possible? Mark must be whizzing through his new classes at remarkable speed, as usual, as he sure appeared like more than a very long two years had passed. XOXOXOXO

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