Hello, hello. And: Hello?

It’s been forever, I know. The writing muse really just up and ran away (along with most of my sense of stability) over the course of the pandemic. Lots of other things happened too, that all added up to: too much, too much, too much.

AND: it’s September 1. I’m feeling like a school kid, ready to start the next grade now. Ready to learn, ready to share what I’ve learned. So, I’m working on a post…and looking back over some I haven’t finished.

But honestly, what I would really like to ask is: who is reading my blog, and would you consider writing to me in the comments? I see your comment first – it doesn’t show up on the blog site unless I “approve” it, so I honestly won’t publish what you write if you don’t want me to. It’s just I am so curious about YOU. How did you find my site? Is there anything here that resonates for you as a human being?

You see: I have told very few people about my blog. Why? Because not everyone wants to read about the loss of a child, about deep grief, theological turmoil and anger and someone else’s dreams…all the things I’ve gone through since Mark was hurt and died so suddenly in 2015. I made the blog “public” because the actual act of writing for/to other people (vs keeping it to myself) has helped me, somehow, to process. So I honestly don’t expect much traffic. However: WordPress – the blogging site I use – obviously thinks most bloggers are actively trying to get their stuff visible, and thus provides all sorts of tools for helping you maximize your impact, including statistics showing the number of people who have visited your site, how many posts they have collectively read, which posts are the most popular, what day/time folks most typically read your blog (Tuesdays at 8pm, apparently, is your collective sweet spot)…and I recently peeked at the stats, not expecting to see ANYTHING after not writing a thing for more than a year, so was shocked to find readers from not just here in the USA, but also as far away as Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, China, Denmark, Romania, Switzerland and France! Oh: and one from Ireland! How are you? – Conas atá tú?

So, as I continue to work on my drafts, please consider saying “hi” back. I’d just really like to hear from you. (I’d insert a little heart emoji here, to end that last sentence, but I honestly don’t know how. WordPress changed their editing system and I am So. So. Confused.)

10 thoughts on “Hello?

  1. I’m sooooooo glad to see you back online!!!! And, can’t wait to read and learn more from your sharing. EVERYTHING YOU EVER WRITE RESONATES WITH ME – my twin from different parents. Love you so!

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  2. So so awesome that you have readers all over the world! Glad you are writing again and look forward to more posts. I find something hopeful and thought provoking in every single one.
    Maryann in Springfield VA

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  3. Hello Emily. Please continue to share your thoughts in such a loving and genuine way. The world needs more of what you have to offer. Thank you for being brave and vulnerable in sharing your story while giving permission to the rest of us to grow with you.

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  4. I read everything you write and wish I had your faith and wisdom. Miss seeing you. We need to find somewhere safe to maybe sit and have a cup of coffee to catch up. Love you, dear.

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  5. Hi Emily, so glad to see you are still blogging! I met you while my husband and I were living Crystal City for a few years. It was during that time when you and your family lost Mark. You have such a gift for writing and saying what many of us are thinking and many times are too hesitant to express. Thank you for sharing on such a very personal level.

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  6. Hello! Didn’t know you before, but found you when I managed to get back into my old blog, Nutsrok. I will be following you. Good lick on getting busy again. I’ve been out since October 2020. Really missed my friends.

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