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While I was in Sanibel, during the first week of my disquiet, Maryann sent me a link to Dan Forrest’s “Requiem for the Living.” She wanted us to know about an upcoming concert of this work, at the National Cathedral in Washington DC: would we want to attend?  I listened to it (you can, too, if you click on the title above) while I was preparing dinner one night, gazing out at the darkening sky, and it is a truly gorgeous, soulful composition. Without an understanding of Latin, I could only enjoy the sound of it at that time. In so many ways, I wish I had taken the time right then to dig a little deeper. God was working through and for my friend, once again.

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Sanibel Postscript 2017: Hmmmm

I do not know how much of my blog you read, Person Reading This Right Now, but last year – when I flew home from Sanibel – the lady randomly sitting next to me on the plane turned out to be someone I went to college with (but did not know back then) and we discovered she was actually in a photograph I had on my phone from a recent reunion weekend!  In the photo we were standing right next to each other. It was the most BIZARRE and wonderful gift from God. I wrote about it then. It was really the perfect capstone to that whole experience.

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