Stress and Sanibel


Tax season is full upon us. The woman who usually works with us – a treasure, the perfect match for our little enterprise – has been taken out of action by a medical issue. It’s been several weeks. The stress of trying to keep pace, to finish all these tax returns on time, without her, is just…well…it’s a lot. I’m trying not to whine (loudly) but OH MY GOSH.

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I’m actually rather embarrassed by my neediness. Maybe other people – who have faith and yet are having to live with the death of their child – aren’t quite so….demanding. Maybe they trust God more? So that they aren’t constantly pestering Him for signs and reassurances? Am I just super-pitiful? Or is God that loving, that kind, THAT gracious? (I’m putting that in bold because that is, of course, the correct answer. Thank you, Beth P., for the gentle smack upside my head.)

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