My Little Piece of The Elephant

MAS and SAS xmas morn 1999 with toys

This is not a movie, just a screen capture of the opening shot of a family video…and the beauty of our children just slays me.

While I was in Sanibel last May, I received a nudge. Not sure what else to call it. I’d taken along an old journal, and in re-reading what I’d written in mid-April of the prior year (2018), I found this: I’d recorded a short, vivid dream, in which I learned that my mom had purchased $1000 worth of “pool privileges” for our neighborhood swim club, in order to spend “a lot of time there” with my dad. Soon after, (this is still the dream) a coupon book – for monthly payments to the pool – was tossed on our front sidewalk, for me to hand to my mom. I then saw my folks getting all set up at the pool; my mom had even brought a mini-fridge, stocked with snacks and various beverages (this is so her!). But….my parents live an hour away and are vigorously independent, determined to age-in-place, so this didn’t fit reality. What did it mean? In the dream, I had felt rather conflicted, very protective of “my” pool, feeling it as sanctuary…not sure I wanted to share. When I woke up, I wrote it all down, as I’ve learned to do (otherwise PFFFT: gone) but wasn’t sure if that was just mental cleaning-out, a little pile of nonsense.

As I sat in Sanibel in 2019 and read about that dream from 2018, I suddenly made the connection between the dream and what had happened in real life in the interim.

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Good Fridays and Other Paradoxes

jesus-4453894_1920Jewish friends are remembering the Passover (the traditional remembrance of when the plague passed over the Hebrew people in the midst of their slavery in Egypt), and Christian friends are also feeling its weight and power as we now join in waiting in the dark of “Good Friday” (the remembrance of the day Jesus was crucified). Maybe you’re not religious at all, but in the midst of this global crisis: you’re still waiting. We are all waiting for this plague to pass, worrying about whether these locusts will land, observing with pain how much they have already consumed. And thus my thoughts were born, this morning.

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